A Tierra Magnifica Wedding

All weddings at Tierra Magnifica are beautiful and memorable in their own unique way. Recently, Alyssa and Fernando held their destination wedding with us and we were lucky enough to catch to up with them afterwards for a full recap of the event.

Thank you Alyssa and Fernando!

Tell me about the photo with the older man and the little boy. Who are they? It's a fantastic photo

This is a photo of Fernando’s nephew and father – they are fast friends and pretty inseparable. Jacobo (nearly 2 years old) is the first child in the generation and we were excited to have him there with us at TM.

Here’s one where he wandered into our ceremony…adorable:

How did you first hear about Tierra Magnifica?

My family is spread across the US and Fernando’s family is based mainly in Peru – in addition to the fact that we are avid travelers, we knew early on that a destination wedding would be the most special way to celebrate our wedding. We searched for options across Latin America and the Caribbean and found several beautiful potential venues. When we discovered Tierra Magnifica online, we quickly recognized that the unique location and incredible staff were a perfect fit for our event.

What made you decide to pull the trigger and book it?

The beautiful photos and rave reviews about the Nosara/Guiones area from some tico friends of ours were very encouraging, but we were confident that TM was the place for our wedding after speaking with Steve and Erika on the phone. Their warmth and generosity were immediately evident and it was clear that they are dedicated to creating wonderful, memorable experiences for their guests.

 Was there anything that was a "non-negotiable" item on your Destination Wedding wish list?​

With extended families that cross several continents, we were determined to find a villa that could accommodate us all in a relaxed and fun environment. A large, impersonal hotel would never have provided us the same opportunities to bond and celebrate as a united pan-American familia. ☺

​How about the planning? How did that go?

Planning events from afar is always a challenge, but Erika and her incredible staff worked with us every step of the way. We were excited to participate in choosing many of the details for our week of wedding events, but they were more than capable of coordinating everything perfectly without any input from us. We can truly say that the planning process was smooth and stress-free – it was such a luxury to just relax and plan for a dream vacation with our closest friends and relatives.

What were some of the places people traveled from to get your wedding?

We were fortunate to have guests from several continents – they traveled from across the US (Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Montana, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Connecticut, New York, Washington) as well as Canada and Peru. We truly had a mix of cultures represented at the wedding: in addition to gringos from the US there were friends in attendance from Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Panama.

What is something you guys laugh about now that used to be something you stressed about in planning your wedding? For example, were you super nervous about something that ended up being no big deal?

We were initially nervous about how our guests might interact considering many spoke only English or only Spanish. With the help of some bilingual friends and the TM staff, soon everyone was hugging and dancing and celebrating together without a thought about the language barrier.

​The photo with a group sitting around the deck is great. Looks like you had lots of different aged guests.

This is a photo taken during our welcome BBQ. Most of our guests had just arrived in Nosara and were excited to meet one another and relax by the pool with a margarita. The TM staff prepared some amazing grilled food and we ended the night with a salsa party under the stars.

What was the occasion of the photo on the beach​? Looks like a fun get together!​

The night before our wedding, we planned a ‘rehearsal’ dinner at the beach near Tierra Magnifica. The weather was beautiful and Erika’s team had arranged for a beautiful set up for us to mingle, eat and enjoy a beach bonfire afterwards. We finished the night with some fireworks and wish lanterns that guests released into the sky with wishes for our happiness together as a married couple.

Any words of wisdom or "wish I would have..." ideas you can give to the next bride?​

Trust in the TM team to worry about the planning and details of your events! They do amazing work which allows the bride and groom to relax and enjoy all that Nosara has to offer with their loved ones. In the days leading up to our wedding we were surfing, zip lining, hanging out with monkeys and drinking from coconuts…just don’t forget the sunscreen if you want to avoid looking like a lobster in your wedding gown!

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