Tips to Picking the Perfect Color Palette

Congratulations, you’re engaged!

Now it’s time to get to work and start planning. One of the easiest things that you can decide on to get started is your color palette. This will set a tone for your wedding and help you keep a consistent theme throughout. From save the dates to your thank you cards, from your appetizers to your cake, from bridesmaid’s dresses to your shoes, the one thing can be carried on through all of these factors is color!

Let’s think about the concept of color harmony real quick. It’s how certain colors feel when they are together and how pleasing it is to the eye. Take the basic color orange for example. Pair it up with a bright blue and it almost makes your eyes hurt when they are next to each other. Now in contrast, pair the orange with a yellow of a similar shade and it is underwhelming as they blend together. Visualizing this will help you create the perfect ambiance for your wedding.

To start creating your wedding color palette you just need once little ounce of inspiration. Do you have a favorite Costa Rican food that will be your main entrée? A flower you just have to use in your bouquet? The beautiful view of the ocean you’ll see during your ceremony? Anything can be used for motivation when it comes to color. Some people like the feeling of a color and then build off of the emotion. This is when you may lean more towards the bold or bland spectrum of the palette, but we’ll talk about playing into that at another time.

When you find that bit of inspiration, bring it in to the environment of Tierra Magnifica and think about your day. Will your ceremony be while the sun is high in the sky or at sunset? A dark purple orchid will have a very different reaction at two o’clock on a sunny afternoon compared to a fiery red sunset backdrop. That same dark purple feels a lot different next to a bright coral than it would a soft yellow than it would a cool turquoise. Again, think about the experience you want your guest to have to help guide you through picking colors.

Having a cohesive color palette throughout each aspect of your wedding is something easy to do that will have a lasting impact on you and your guests. This is a moment to shine with your creativity and ability to wow!

Just in case you're getting stumped with inventing the color scheme of your dreams, here are some websites to help:

Use this palette generator by picking the color you love and the website will throw you any color under the sun to mix and match a new scheme.

Browse through endless examples of real life weddings based on any color. Maybe another bride had the same vision as you to match ruby red with canary pink?

Photos taken by Jonathan Yonkers Photography & Video

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