10 Reasons to get Married at Tierra Magnifica

Finding the perfect destination for your wedding day can be quite a daunting task. Do you stick with the traditional route and get married in your hometown? Or do you go for the unique, life-changing, most memorable option of a destination wedding at Tierra Magnifica in Costa Rica? Well, here are 10 reasons to choose the latter...

1. Stand Out. Not even 25% of weddings are destination. Go against the grain and give people a reason to want to celebrate your wedding, not to mention an trip they'll be talking about for years to come!

2. A more intimate setting. With guests typically staying three or more days and having activities centered around your wedding, everyone will get to know each other and share this once in a lifetime experience.

3. Easy coordination. Relinquish the hard choices to our professionals! Let the staff at Tierra Magnifica take care of the all the background noise and bring you in for the big (fun!) decisions. Our mission is to take care of every detail, so that you can relax and enjoy the most important moment of your life, surrounded by the people you love most. Click here to read about our process and services for planning.

4. Limit your guest list. Don't feel the need to invite everyone from your Father's Boss' cousin to the friend you haven't talked to since freshman year in college. Keep it small, keep it simple.

5. Beach time. Need we say more? Keep your big day, and the days leading up to it, relaxed. Does your schedule make it easier to get married on a Tuesday? Do it!

6. Groom decisions. Get the man of the hour more involved with planning by letting him schedule the activities and adventures. He may not care about the number of flowers in your bouquet, but we're sure he'll have a say in zip lining through the cloud forest. Click here to read about the activities we offer to make your experience one to remember!

7. Take advantage of the perks. Tierra Magnifica has many perks offered to our wedding parties! One of which is 15% off of our Spa Services... the perfect way to start your trip and relax before the big day. Not to mention the perk of a lifetime, literally! Take advantage of a complimentary room every year on your anniversary, for the rest of your life! What could be a better way to remember your special day than by coming back to the place where it all started?

8. Minimal decor. Not one to add bows to every chair, lights to every tree, or Greek columns with yards of draped fabric? Let the stunning backdrop of the sun setting over the ocean waves take care of all your decor needs. Click here to read more about our venue!

9. Honeymoon. Who needs to plan another trip? You're getting married in Costa Rica! Stay a few extra days and enjoy more time in the place you made your fondest memories.

10. Picture perfect photoshoot. Nosara is the perfect setting for wedding photography. From the drop dead gorgeous beaches to the breathtaking sunsets, you're sure to have stunning photos to look back on for a lifetime to come. Click here to see some of the beautiful weddings we've hosted!

From the spectacular views to the luxurious accommodations to fabulous meals, you and your guests are sure to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Tierra Magnifica. Our goal is to make you feel at home from the moment you arrive. Click here to hear from couples who've planned and had their destination wedding at Tierra Magnifica!

To learn more or download our Weddings Brochure, please contact reservations@tierramagnifica.com!

Photography by:

Sylvia Guardia M. Photography

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