Wedding Ring Trends | 2017

Perfect fiancé: check!

Amazing engagement ring: check!

Unforgettable destination for your wedding: check!

Now, lets tie all of these together to make an everlasting memento to always remember your wedding day! Your wedding band is the perfect solution to do so. You and your fiancé can get fabulously creative finding bands that give a special nod to Costa Rica. Let’s talk about a few ways that you can pull off something extraordinary.

It’s no secret that a plain, metal band is the traditional way to go. Your parents, your parent’s parents, and your parent’s parent’s parents have plain bands. But how can we make this more fun and exciting? One of the hot new trends for wedding rings is to mix metals. Costa Rica is known for gold. So why not get a gold band to match with your platinum engagement ring? Or if you haven't picked our your engagement ring yet, pick one that already has mixed metals so your gold band will blend. Add a platinum ring on the other side of your mixed engagement ring and you have a truly distinctive setting that will have others in awe.

Another exciting trend right now is stackable rings. Did you find a unique engagement ring perfect for building off of for an attention-grabbing design? By choosing stackables you’ll add to its flair! Pick a band that has red rubies or blue sapphires for a little nod to the Costa Rican flag. This idea can also be translated to the other jewelry you wear on the big day. Bright red ruby stud earrings would bring a little pop of color to accent the vivid red flowers in your bouquet. Not to mention, how great would the picture be of you holding your bouquet of red hibiscus with the rubies on your wedding band sparkling in the sun? Or were you drawn to Costa Rica’s natural beauty and want a more organic vibe? Find a band with a wavy curve to represent the ocean. It sounds amazing! Another fun idea behind stackables is also that for any monument throughout your life, you can get another band to add to your collection.

Now if you just love your engagement ring and are looking for something to accent your amazing pear cut diamond, look at bands that hold multiple diamonds to add some bling but aren’t overwhelming. For example, if you are planning to stay in Costa Rica for your honeymoon and have five different cities to visit, a band with five stones can represent each of these special places. For a simpler feel, find a band that has a shared-prong setting to minimize the amount of metal. Or, if you want a bit more pizzazz, choose a halo-setting with surrounding smaller diamonds to give off the ultimate sparkle. This will keep the attention on your engagement diamond while still giving you something to remember.

While your engagement ring symbolizes a huge moment in your life, your wedding band should do the same! Make it stand out on it’s own accord so you will always remember the day you got married in Costa Rica!


Ready to start planning your destination wedding in paradise? Click here to hear from couples who have gotten married at Tierra Magnifica!

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Photography by:

Sylvia Guardia M. Photography

Jonathan Yonkers Photography & Video

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